JOEY LAWRENCE, Canadian-born photographer and director based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and New York, USA, is internationally celebrated for both his humanitarian projects and high-profile commissions. As a self-taught professional photographer, he has built his style by dedicating a vast amount of time and resources to passion projects designed to help emphasize the humanity in underserved communities and circumstances. His photography has greatly benefited organizations such as Oxfam, the ACLU, FEED, charity:water, and WaterAid.

Joey has traveled five times to Iraq and Syria to document the ongoing civil war. He has embedded with multiple sides of the conflict, from the government-held areas in Damascus, to the Free Syrian Army opposition rebels, Kurdish fighters of the YPG, and American coalition partners Syrian Democratic Forces. His ongoing work from Iraq and Syria has been published in Sunday Times Magazine, Vanity Fair: Italia, the Independent, Rolling Stone, and many others. “Portrait of Sarya with RPG”, a Kurdish guerrilla fighter, was featured in London’s National Portrait Gallery as part of the Taylor Wessing Prize exhibition. Joey has further chronicled these incredible stories and deeply human imagery in his recent fine art book, We Came From Fire: Kurdistan’s Armed Struggle Against ISIS (powerHouse books, 2019). Joey has remained an advocate for the protection of Kurdish cultural rights.