Gone ́The Other And The Unknown ́

Feature Film

Director: Kenan Korkmaz
Cast: Yuhannun Akay, Savaş Özdemir, Ruhi Sarı
North Kurdistan / 2014 / 97 min - Aramaic, Kurdish, Swedish, Turkish with English subtitles

Gone 'The Other And The Unknown' is the second feature film of Kenan Korkmaz, the winner of the Golden Orange for Best Cinematography with his previous feature The Luxury Hotel (2011), which also received the Behlül Dal Special Jury Prize for Best Film and Best Original Score. The film follows the village headman and his two sons in Aynvert (Gülgöze), where the ancient upper Mesopotamian nation of Syriacs have always lived, and discusses the pains of both leaving and returning.

As terror reigns over their land, the majority of fellow villagers leave their home and country. The village headman, however, refuses to leave despite the oppression. Alas, Joseph, one of his sons decides to leave while Yuhan, the other, will stay with his father. From that moment on, both sons shall question the decisions they have made.

17th NOV 2015 @ 20:30