Blue Van

Feature Film

Director: Ömer Leventoğlu
Cast: Ezgi Çelik, Nazmi Kırık, Kemal Ulusoy
North Kurdistan / 2013 / 87 min - Turkish-Kurdish with English subtitles

The film is a “tight” perspective on the history of resistance in prisons of Turkey during an 18-hour road tale of inmates
transferred from one prison to another. Raised by a middle-class and disciplined family, Doctor Pınar works at the Eskişehir State Hospital as a specialist. One night, Doctor Pınar finds herself in a military jeep going to the State Prison by the administration of the hospital.

However, what she will go through that night and the day after will change her life and all the relations she had set up with her society.

16th NOV 2015 @ 20:30