The Best Feature Documentary Award in Memory of Mehmet Aksoy

In honour of and loving memory of Mehmet Aksoy, our dearest friend, the 10th London Kurdish Film Festival has launched the Mehmet Aksoy Best Documentary Award.

One of the core aims of the London Kurdish Film Festival in recent years has been o support and promote documentary filmmakers who are making a contribution to the world through enlightening and entertain documentaries. 

We believe documentary storytelling not only broadens our understanding of shared human experiences, but it also cultivates an informed, compassionate, and connected world. A way of keeping in touch with the multiple layers of society. Furthermore, documentary films provide an important vantage, not only on the current cultural and political dynamics, but especially on the historic context that circumscribes the “Kurdish Issue” in Turkey and wider Middle East.

“Just Look at the Stars You Will See Me There”

On 26th of September, we were devastated by the news that we had lost our dearest friend and comrade Mehmet Aksoy, during a brutal attack by IS in Raqqa, Northern Syria. 

A passionate filmmaker and tireless advocate of the Kurdish Freedom Movement, Mehmet played an integral role in the development and growth of the London Kurdish Film Festival for many years. Dearly loved by the Kurdish community, Mehmet has been a widely recognised and dedicated political activist fighting for the rights of the oppressed. Following in the steps of Yilmaz Guney and Halil Dag, Mehmet was an exceptional individual who always went above and beyond and yet had so much to do. His compassion, generosity, acumen and courage will remain unparalleled. 

As the London Kurdish Film Festival, we believe Mehmet’s life should be an inspiration for action for documentary filmmakers. It is for this reason that we believe presenting a ‘Best Documentary Award’ for one of the documentary films in the upcoming festival programme and hereafter, under Mehmet’s name is one of the ways in which we can best honour his memory.