London Kurdish Film Festival

The London Kurdish Film Festival Programme for 11th Online Edition has now been released on our official website! 53 short films, 6 themes, 2 panel discussions and 2 masterclasses, this year’s online edition is packed with quality content of Kurdish cinema. Taking place from 15th - 24th August, the online edition will be hosted on the LKFF YouTube channel, free of charge for everyone to stream, globally. Films are a powerful form of artistic expression. They reflect people’s and communities’ hopes, dreams, memories and collective conscience. It is for this reason that as a cinematic platform, the London Kurdish Film Festival carries great significance for the Kurdish society worldwide. 

The 11th edition of the London Kurdish Film Festival is exclusively dedicated to short films. For the first time a Kurdish film festival will be hosting a highly accessible programme, online. With a selection ranging from fiction, documentary and animation films, each day of the festival will also be followed with interviews and Q&A’s with the filmmakers. With a huge number of submissions this year, LKFF have selected 53 films together from all parts of Kurdistan and diaspora, categorised under six curated themes; Beyond Borders, The Struggle Continues, Women in Film, War On Screen, Once Upon a Time in Kurdistan, and Children in Film. The first day of the festival will kick off with an opening reception that will stream live at 15:00 (BST) 15th August, where the core coordinating team will welcome and delve into detail on what is to be expected for the next 10 days. Each following day will be dedicated to one of the curated themes. After the end of all film screenings each day, you will be able to attend live Q&As where directors discuss further about their films. Alongside these, we are equally privileged to share interviews from the directors who were not able to attend a live session.

Additionally, LKFF has an exceptional panel of jurors who will be awarding the winning short film the 7th Yilmaz Güney Best Short Film Award. The Jury will also select two more films for the Special Mentions Awards. We are also happy to introduce the LKFF Honorary Award this year given to a film chosen by the LKFF team. LKFF have organised two panel discussions and two masterclasses. We are certain that these events will enrich the programme for our audiences. The Women in Film panel,  moderated by Avesta Kadir, will be joined by panelists, Beri Shalmashi, Soleen Yusef, Halima Ilter, and Sêvînaz Evdikê. Second panel, Documentary Filmmaking in Conditions of Conflict, led by Kaveh Abbasian, will be joined by Jiyar Gol, Apo Bazidi, and Maryam Ashrafi. First masterclass will be led by Kazim Oz, a renowned Kurdish Director who will delve further into Film Production in Kurdistan. William Brown will lead the second masterclass, all about Zero-Budget Filmmaking. These workshop style masterclasses from industry standard professionals is a valued aim of LKFF that we will continue to incorporate within our festival programme to aid future filmmakers in gaining the necessary tools and education to navigate within the film industry. 

We hope that you will tune in and enjoy this year's unprecedented and exciting edition of the London Kurdish Film Festival which has been carefully curated by the continuous hard work and efforts of a team of dedicated organisers. Make sure to Subscribe to the LKFF Youtube channel to stream the entire festival programme: 

YouTube @londonkurdishfilmfestival

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