Obstacles Are What You See When you Take Your Eye Off The Goal: Making Films At Any (Or Rather No) Cost. 


In this interactive session, we shall discuss some of the history of no-budget and guerrilla filmmaking in order to think about why and how one might make 'guerrilla' films today. We shall also consider ways in which to 'lean into' whatever limitations one might face as a filmmaker, for example working in uncontrolled conditions and/or with an absence of professional equipment, in order nonetheless to produce work that is urgent and meaningful - and perhaps more so precisely because of those conditions and/or technological limitations. Finally, we shall if we have time consider ways to get your films seen, especially outside of the always tricky world of film festivals!

William Brown

William Brown is a film scholar and a no-budget filmmaker. He is the author of Supercinema: Film-Philosophy for the Digital Age (Berghahn, 2013), Non-Cinema: Global Digital Filmmaking and the Multitude (Bloomsbury, 2018), and, with David H. Fleming, The Squid Cinema from Hell: Kinoteuthis Infernalis and the Emergence of Chthulumedia (Edinburgh University Press, 2020). His films include En Attendant Godard (2009).

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