Panel Discussion Moderated by Avesta Kadir
Panelists: Beri Shalmashi, Soleen Yusef & Sêvinaz Evdikê

Panel Description:

This panel discussion is highly important in reviewing the current landscape of the film industry and how it impacts women in front of and behind the camera. Every year, LKFF advocates for an open dialogue to discuss the representation of women in leading positions within cinema, in hopes of bridging the inequality gaps that currently exist, and also discuss where progress has been made. There will be a strong focus on Kurdish cinema, discussing the different challenges facing women in the film industry, whilst sharing practical tools and education for aspiring female filmmakers. We wish to continue to support and empower future female filmmakers by sharing experiences from established female directors, producers, and actors.

Beri Shalmashi
Writer & Director

Beri Shalmashi, born in Paris 1983, grew up in the Netherlands after spending the first 2 years of her life in the mountains of East Kurdistan with her parents. She graduated from the Netherlands Film Academy and received her MA at the Utrecht School of Arts. She recently released Big Village, an interactive film that documents her early years amongst the Kurdish revolutionaries and Peshmerga base where she spent her childhood. Since then she has written and directed several short films, amongst those is Shouted from the Rooftops, that is participating in the LKFF Online Edition this year. Shalmashi is currently working on her biggest film so far, Under the Same Cloudy Sky. Beri Shalmashi is a writer, director, a tutor at Sandberg Institute and advisor to the Netherlands Film Fund.

Sêvînaz Evdikê
Director & Producer

Sêvînaz Evdikê was born in Serekaniye, West Kurdistan in 1991. She is the director of the Rojava International Film Festival and founder of the Rojava Cinema Commune. She is also leading the women's independent filmmakers department within this Cinema Commune. Sêvînaz has been working in the Arts Academy in Rojava as a Scriptwriting Trainer Since 2015, and is the organiser of the Rojava Film Festival for the last four years. Sevinaz has a short film called ‘HOME’ which will be showcased in the 11th London Kurdish Film Festival Online Edition. She also worked in various productions as an assistant director and producer. Sêvînaz is currently working on a feature film about the story of three women during the Tukish attack on her hometown, Serekaniye.

Soleen Yusef
Writer & Director

Soleen Yusef was born in 1987, in Duhok, South Kurdistan. In 2008 she started studying feature film directing at the Baden-Wurttemberg Film Academy. Her film Trattoria, premiered at the 62nd Berlin International Film Festival in 2012. She shot House Without Roof in and around her hometown Duhok, South Kurdistan in 2015. This was not not only her graduating project but also her first feature film. Since then, Soleen Yusef has been working as a director for several international series productions including Netflix and Amazon Prime. In addition to developing her own cinema and television projects, she is currently writing an adaptation of Abbas Khider's novel A Slap in the Face, which will be produced by UFA FICTION.

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