Rojava International Film Festival (RIFF) in London 

Opening of the Rojava International Film Festival (RIFF) in London.

(Films made by Rojava Film Communes).

The fourth edition of the Rojava International Film Festival (RIFF) was supposed to take place on 13 November 2019. However due to the invasion of northeastern Syria by Turkey, it will not be possible to screen all of the films listed in the programme. The London Kurdish Film Festival (LKFF) is organising this special screening in solidarity with the Rojava International Film Festival.

Rojava Film Communes is a grassroots organisation that was formed by local film-makers and supporters of the revolution in 2015, with the aim of developing the cinema of the revolution. For four years, despite the ongoing war in Rojava, the RIFF has been working for the social reconstruction of the region and the democratisation of art. The RIFF aims to bring cinema to the local audience, to create opportunities for local film-makers and to connect with the filmmakers and audiences around the world.

Venue provided by KCL Kurdish Society.

This is a free event however any donations are welcomed and will go to the Rojava Film Commune.

Booking for this event has now closed.