Filmmaking in Kurdistan: Possibilities and Hopes


In this masterclass, Kazim Öz will talk about making his first short film, ‘’Ax’’ despite difficult circumstances and socio-political challenges. Kazim will share his experience, enthusiasm and recommend some practical ideas to young filmmakers.


Kazim Öz is an award-winning Kurdish director, scriptwriter, and producer. He started to produce art with Kurdish theatre. He shot his first short film Ax (Land, 1999) and was awarded by many of the A classed film festivals. Later, he managed to shoot his first feature film Photograph (2002). The rest of his filmography includes Dûr (Distant, 2005), Bahoz (The Storm, 2008), Demsala Dawi: Şewaxan (The Last Season: Shawaks, 2010), He Bû Tune Bû (Once Upon A Time, 2014) Beyaz Çınar (The White Sycamore, 2016) and Zer (2017).

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