Mardan is a Kurdish Peshmerga fighter, who bears a great burden. Leila, a young Kurdish woman comes to Iraq in search of Morad, who has been missing for days. As Mardan searches for Morad in the rugged mountains of Iraqi Kurdistan, he is constantly haunted by a traumatic childhood memory. Mardan begins to fall in love with Leila, which complicates a scenario that is already fraught with danger. Meanwhile, Karzan, a cemetery worker, struggles to deal with his own guilt and fear after an accident that sets off a difficult path for Karzan and Mardan.



Batin Ghobadi


Hossein Hasan, Helly Luv, Feyyaz Duman

South Kurdistan / 2014 / 115 min / Kurdish with English subtitles / 15+


18th NOV @ 20:30