Before Dawn

In 2014 the world witnessed an unexpected event unfold. ISIS claimed jihad in the name of Islam, and the Middle East fell into the hands of a violent and destructive war. The movement hit a wall when it reached the small village of Kobane in Rojava (West Kurdistan) on the formal borders of Syria. The astounding resistance of Kobane grabbed the attention of world politics and the widespread media. But what is the background motivation for the war in Kobane? The Berroj film crew set out to discover answers, and in one Kobane camp ın the Turkish occupied region, they stumble upon Ehmed Remo. Despite years of guerilla mountaın fighting, time in prison, and knee infection from old prosthetic legs, Remo climbs the hills of Kobane almost everyday to inspect the war. Berroj brings to you Remo’s story, and an inside account of the Kobane resistance.


Ömer Leventoğlu and İhsan Kaçar

Turkey / 2015 / 70 min / Kurdish with English and Turkish subtitles / 15


14th NOV @ 15:30