(Note: This is a special viewing and not part of the Short Film Competition).

This story takes place in Kurdistan during the conflict in the 1990s. A remote Kurdish village is about to be evacuated by the Turkish security forces and the only remaining people in the village are a elderly couple and a young man who has lost his family. Based on true events.


Special Note:

In 2011 for our 7th Film Festival we had presented the short film “Bark”. The main role was played by Haci Lokman, who was brutally murdered this October the 2nd 2015 in Şırnak. He was tied to the back of a army truck from his throat and driven through streets for several hours. The ordeal was filmed by the perpetrators as they shouted insults at him whilst taking his life. We strongly believe no human being, regardless of who they are; where they are from, and what they believe – deserves to be inflicted such acts of evil. In commemoration of our friend  and fellow artist Haci Lokman, we will view Bark again this year, so that his successful life will be imprinted in our memories.


Ömer Çakan

North Kurdistan / 19 mins / Kurdish  with English subtitles 


Hackney Picturehouse 14th NOV @ 15:30