1st London Kurdish Film Festival



Welcome to the 3rd London Kurdish Film Festival!

The two year gap since our last festival means that we have a lot of catching up to do. And so this time it's a packed two weeks of exciting, challenging and, occasionally, controversial movies from all over the world by Kurdish film makers or about Kurdish issues. Inevitably and importantly, this year many of the films look at aspects of the Iraq War and its aftermath from the Kurdish perspective.

Highlights are plentiful and much is unmissable: Nigel Roffe-Barker's behind-the-headlines drama ASYLUM, Fariborz Kambari's unforgettable BLACK TAPE: A TEHRAN DIARY, Anwar Sindi's moving BEFORE DAWN, Kawa Akreyi's portrait of evil CHEMICAL ALI, Jaleel Zangana's portraits of Kurdish legendary resistance fighters KHOLA PIZA and MAMA RASHA, Marina Caba Rall's clever parable LAST MINUTE, Yüksel Yavuz's slice of life on the edge A LITTLE BIT OF FREEDOM, Jano Rosebiani's shocking investigation SADDAM'S MASS GRAVES, Halil Uysal's childhood journey TALL MIRROR, Sarbast Rasel's dramatic tale of life on the run TODAY – TOMORROW, Hiner Saleem's warm tale set in a cold climate VODKA LEMON, Bahman Ghobadi's sketchbook WAR IS OVER! and the world premiere of Nuray Sahin's FOLLOW THE FEATHER, the first feature film in the Kurdish Zazaki dialect.

The Closing Gala is the powerful and topical TURTLES CAN FLY the new film by Bahman Ghobadi, director of A TIME FOR DRUNKEN HORSES. It won the top prize at the San Sebastian International Film Festival in September and will be released by ICA Projects next year.

Plenty to see, plenty to talk about and many of the filmmakers will be here to do just that. They'll also be around to advise and encourage the next generation of film makers taking part in workshops throughout the festival.

The festival is presented by the Kurdish Film Festival Organising Committee in conjunction with the Rio Cinema.

We look forward to welcoming you to this unique and very special event. 



22 Oct - 4 Nov 2004



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