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5th London Kurdish Film Festival 30 Nov - 6 Dec 2007

The Rio Cinema is delighted to present the 5th London Kurdish Film Festival, organised in partnership with the main Kurdish community centres in the United Kingdom - Halkevi/Malagel Kurdish and Turkish Community Centre in Hackney, Kurdish Cultural Centre (KCC) in Lambeth, Kurdish Community Centre (KCC) in Haringey and Kurdish Exile Association (KEA) in Kensington and Chelsea.

This year's festival will present an extraordinary variety of films made by Kurdish film makers or about Kurdish issues: features, classics, documentaries, shorts and animated films, from all over the world. For the first time this year, the London Kurdish Film Festival is organising a short film competition in honour of the greatest Kurdish director Yilmaz GŁney who died in Paris in exile after escaping form the prosecution of the Turkish state for his political views. The competition will take place every year from now on and is open to Kurdish and non-Kurdish directors. The week promises to be packed with exciting, challenging and, occasionally, controversial movies. There will also be discussions with film makers, and workshops for aspiring young film makers. Highlights will include: Hiner Saleem's DOL selected for the Berlinale competition in 2007; Hiner Saleem's BENEATH THE ROOFTOPS OF PARIS featuring Michel Piccoli, A. Martiyosyan's classic silent film made in 1932, YAZIDI KURDS; Shawkat Amin Korki's CROSSING THE DUST, winner of the Singapore International Film Festival; Norway based young Kurdish director Hisham Zaman's brand new film WINTERLAND and his wonderful short film BAWKE, winner of over 30 awards; A VEHICLE TICKET, a collaborative work from Ako Aziz Mezra and Masoud Arif who attended our festival last year with NARCISSUS BLOSSOM; young Kurdish director Soran Mardookhi from East Kurdistan (Iran) will be with us with his film AND THUS I WAS BORN ; Germany based Kurdish director Zuli Aladag's CAN and many others. The festival also includes many award winning short films and a diverse range of fascinating and powerful documentaries.

The festival is receiving funding support from Film London Audience Development Fund.

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